Pacific Connector Pipeline

Between 2006 and 2012, HRA completed cultural resources investigations for the Pacific Connector Pipeline Project in Southern Oregon. Pacific Connector Gas Pipeline is proposing a 36-inch pipe to connect the proposed Jordan Cove Liquid Natural Gas facility near Coos Bay, Oregon, to Malin, Oregon, in Klamath County—a distance of 223 miles. The project included background research and data gap analysis, preparation of research designs, pedestrian survey, and shovel probing of the entire route, followed by Phase II evaluations. HRA managed two subcontracted firms and established a logistical coordinator as a central implementing role for data collection and management for up to six crews working at various places along the line at any one time. HRA prepared the GIS layers and map sets used during the survey phase and developed the Project data dictionary to ensure that all crews were collecting equivalent GPS information. HRA prepared site records and summary reports for each phase of the project, as well as comprehensive technical reports for the Phase I survey and Phase II evaluations phases, and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Resource Report 4. A plan for treatment of archaeological sites determined to be adversely affected by the Project was also submitted. HRA assisted with consultation with several Native American tribes, federal and state agencies, and the Oregon State Historic Preservation Office, and worked with our client’s staff to prepare for FERC meetings at various stages of the project.