Coronado Historic Site Interpretive Plan

HRA prepared an interpretive plan for Coronado Historic Site on behalf of the New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs. Located in the City of Bernalillo, Coronado Historic Site is the location of the ancestral Pueblo of Kuaua and interpretation there focuses on more than 1,000 years of Pueblo history, the Francisco Vásquez de Coronado entrada, archaeology, and contemporary Pueblo culture. Over time, Kuaua’s adobe walls returned to the earth. Unburied by archaeologists in the twentieth century, the site’s cultural treasures helped it become one of New Mexico’s first historic monuments. With sweeping views of the Sandia Mountains and Rio Grande Valley, Kuaua provides a unique perspective from which to consider New Mexico’s past and present. Interpretive planning included community engagement that ranged from online questionnaires to personal outreach and interviews with stakeholders and subject matter experts. HRA completed the project in 2021.