Jean Larmon

Archaeologist - Missoula Office

Jean Larmon received a BA in Anthropology from Bates College, an MA in Anthropology from Washington State University, and a PhD in Anthropology from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Jean’s graduate research investigated how our understanding of archaeological landscapes can contribute to present-day environmental policy and focused on ancient Maya landscapes in central Belize. Her interests an experience includes isotope analysis, pollen analysis, cathodoluminescence, and the integration of archaeological theory and environmental policy

Jean has 10 years of archaeological experience in the United States, England, Belize, and Guatemala. During that time, she has worked with cultural resources management firms in Illinois and the Great Basin region; she joined HRA during the summer of 2019. Jean has CRM experience in Montana, Utah, Colorado, Nevada, Idaho, Oregon, and Illinois. She has conducted and managed all levels of archaeological work at both precontact and historic period archaeological sites. Jean has conducted National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) compliance and contributed to the evaluation of sites and archaeological mitigation throughout the west.