Native American Issues

Federal, state, and private attorneys rely on HRA to help them understand the deep historical roots of present-day legal issues involving American Indian tribes. We provide archival research, document management, report preparation, and expert witness testimony.

HRA assists attorneys with discovery, interrogatories, preparation of briefs, reviewing opposing expert witness reports, and trial preparation. We also help attorneys find and work with historical experts outside of HRA.

HRA’s expertise includes:

  • Treaty rights
  • Reservation boundaries
  • Jurisdictional issues
  • Water rights
  • Federal trustee responsibilities
  • Federal recognition


Parade on Fort Hall Indian Reservation, circa 1921. Our work related to Native Americans includes tribal and reservation histories, analysis of federal-Indian relations, and work with tribal communities to determine traditional cultural properties.

Featured Projects

Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe Census Rolls

Yavapai-Prescott Indian Tribe Census Rolls 1920 census of the Apache and Mohave Indians of the San Carlos Agency, Arizona. HRA investigated the federal government’s Indian census-taking practices for a case involving tribal membership. HRA prepared an expert report...

U.S. v. Michigan

U.S. v. Michigan Indians fishing in the rapids at Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan, circa 1900. HRA assisted a variety of expert witnesses in a case involving Indians’ hunting and fishing rights under an 1836 treaty. HRA provided research, writing, and litigation support...

Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Off-Reservation Use Rights

Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Off-Reservation Use Rights Southern Ute Indians and others following the signing of the 1873 Brunot Treaty. HRA provides historical research and expert witness testimony connected with the meaning of treaty provisions, such as those...

Featured Team Members

Litigation Support

Expert Witness Services

HRA historians have served as expert witnesses in litigation, as well as providing research and writing support for outside experts.

Water Rights and Adjudications

HRA provides historical research and writing for water rights litigation and adjudications throughout the West. We help clients determine priority dates and understand complex…

Contaminated Sites

HRA helps clients identify companies, government agencies, and other entities that may be responsible for the cleanup of Superfund and other contaminated sites.