U.S. Coast Guard Base Kodiak Cultural Resources Support

HRA has built an enduring relationship with the US Coast Guard at Base Kodiak through a multitude of diverse projects. Coast Guard property on Kodiak Island—totaling over 17,000 acres—encompasses a wide variety of historic resources, from the Kodiak Naval Operating Base and Forts Greely and Abercrombie National Historic Landmark (NHL) at the heart of the base to more remote vestiges of Cold War communications facilities and archaeological sites. Over the course of its ongoing support for the Coast Guard at Kodiak, HRA has conducted numerous Section 106 reviews, helped draft memoranda of agreements, completed various mitigation projects (web histories, Historic American Engineering Record documentation, interpretive signage, and brochures), devised design and maintenance guidelines for the NHL, and completed an integrated cultural resource management plan for the base. As part of these efforts, our project teams have surveyed hundreds of resources, from communications antennas to residential housing complexes, and worked with different federal agencies (National Park Service, among others), state agencies (Alaska Office of History and Archaeology, among others), and Native Alaskan Tribes to fulfill the Coast Guard’s cultural resource requirements. Since our first trip to Kodiak in 2000, HRA’s work at Base Kodiak has been rewarding for both parties.

Coast Guard helicopter in front of hangar at Base Kodiak, 2017