Nick Kryloff

Historian - Albuquerque Office

Nick received an MA in history from Colorado State University, where he completed a thesis titled “Western Waters: New Mexico’s Big Ditch and Groundwater in Colorado’s South Platte Valley.” He served as a research and editorial assistant for historian Daniel Tyler’s Cowboy in the Boardroom, a biography of Colorado water leader W.D. Farr. Nick also worked as an archival assistant at the Water Resources Archive in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he processed the papers of Carl J. Hoffman of the Bureau of Reclamation as well as the records of the Colorado Water Congress, Poudre River Trust, and Water Supply and Storage Company.

At HRA, Nick conducts research and writing for administrative histories, environmental litigation, and water rights. He also provides archives management expertise.

After work, Nick relives his starving-musician days by playing his guitar at home.

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