Facilitating Government-to-Government Consultation

Cultural resources compliance involves regulations at various levels of government that often include requirements or guidelines calling for consultation with Native American tribes and other community groups to ensure that input from stakeholders with investment in the cultural history of a place is heard and considered in decision making. As cultural resources management professionals, HRA understands and values tribal input on the identification and evaluation of historic properties and traditional cultural properties. We are dedicated to ensuring that all types of cultural resources are considered when assessing the potential effects of our client’s projects.

We provide assistance and professional guidance to agencies and private clients in formal and informal tribal consultation and communication. Our goal is always to ensure compliance with the requirements of federal and state laws and guidelines, while maintaining consideration of important tribal resources.

We offer extensive experience in the protocols for tribal consultation and government-to-government relations, the ability to answer questions that arise, and mediation services for any difficulties that may arise surrounding cultural differences. HRA staff also have considerable experience coordinating with tribal cultural resources staff during the implementation of projects.

We also provide:

  • Training in tribal relations for agencies and private clients
  • Assistance with the development of consultation correspondence, meetings, and field trips
  • Analysis of tribal concerns and potential measures to address them

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