HRA archaeologists conducting a survey of a pipeline route. Replica emigrant wagons at Scotts Bluff National Monument in Nebraska. HRA crew taking a short break from a pipeline route survey. Our cultural resource management surveys document historic and prehistoric features, both above ground and below ground. West entrance to Scotts Bluff National Monument in Nebraska. Our work for the National Park Service includes archaeological investigations, administrative histories, National Register nominations, and a variety of other studies.

Making the Past Relevant

HRA provides cultural resource management, historical research, and litigation support for public and private clients across the country. Since 1974, we have been helping our clients use the past to solve present-day problems.

  • HRA provides a full range of Cultural Resource Management (CRM) and Historic Preservation services to assist agencies and private companies in navigating cultural resource…

  • HRA conducts in-depth historical research in archives and repositories across the country and prepares reports, books, brochures, and interpretive content that bring this…

  • HRA helps attorneys understand and use historical evidence in briefs, motions, trial presentations, and settlement discussions.

Recent News

6.15.16 | Ponte Celebrates 10 Years with HRA

Congratulations to Lindsay Ponte for 10 years with HRA! Lindsay first joined HRA in June 2006 as an archaeological field technician, and soon became a part of the regular office staff. Lindsay’s attention to detail has been valuable in her reoccurring role at HRA as a lithic analyst. She also taught herself GIS along the way and has proven to be a talented data manager for some of HRA’s largest projects. Thanks, Lindsay, for everything you do!

6.06.16 | Next Exit History Version 5.0 Launch

We are pleased to announce the launch of version 5.0 of the Next Exit History mobile app. Version 5.0 features an entirely new user interface, lightning fast map interactions, and a slate of new features that benefit both travelers and sponsoring organizations. Reaching out to new audiences beyond those who already love history, version 5.0 provides an unparalleled interface for dynamic and interactive storytelling that intuitively connects users with the landscape around them. Recognizing the vital partnerships between historical entities and community development, we’ve crafted version 5.0 to promote economic development and to bring consumers directly to desired locations. So please take a moment to download version 5.0 of Next Exit History from either the App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android). And please contact us to discuss how Next Exit History might enhance historical interpretation for your organization or community.