For Women’s History Month, HRA is featuring some of our women employees who contribute to all aspects of the company!

Since joining HRA in 2008, Natalie Perrin has served as principal investigator on numerous cultural resources management projects, including Historic Structures Reports (HSRs) for significant properties listed in the National Register of Historic Places (NRHP); NRHP nominations, including individual, district, and multiple property documentations ; Historic American Building Survey/Historic American Engineering Reports (HABS/HAER) at both the federal and state level; Historic Structures Plans; Maintenance and Operations Guidelines for historic resources; Historic Property Management Plans (HPMPs); Survey and Inventory; Design Review; Restoration and Rehabilitation Consulting; and Section 106 Evaluation. With specialized training in building conservation technology, Natalie is particularly adept at assessing the built environment and evaluating historic resources from the ground up. Natalie’s project management experience ranges in scope and scale, from municipal surveys to $0.5 million archaeological surveys and prehistoric rock art evaluation. Since 2018, Natalie has managed HRA’s Eugene office and, in 2023, Natalie was named HRA President and Chief Executive Officer.

Natalie’s favorite projects at HRA have included the Umpqua National Forest HABS that covered the entirely of the forest and involved backcountry hiking and large-format photography. She also appreciated working on the Pointe du Hoc Cultural Landscape Report, featuring a battle site in Normandy, France.

In her free time, Natalie enjoys spending time on the water with her family.