For Women’s History Month, HRA is featuring some of our women employees who contribute to all aspects of the company!

Jen Gilpin is HRA’s Health and Safety Manager. She joined HRA in 2006, working as an archaeologist until 2016, when she transitioned to her current role. Jen supports all divisions at HRA, as well as at sister companies Gray & Pape and Northern Land Use Research Alaska. She works with and trains colleagues to recognize hazards and minimize their impacts, as well as to build safe workplaces both physically and mentally. The past few years have been challenging, between involvement with large, safety-intensive projects such as ODOT Fires and the COVID-19 pandemic. Jen is looking forward to incorporating lessons learned into future work on transit-related and environmental remediation projects.

Away from work, you can find Jen consuming media (books, podcasts, TV) with cat firmly on her lap or walking/cycling around the neighborhood in search of donuts.