For Women’s History Month, HRA is featuring some of our women employees who contribute to all aspects of the company!

Janna Tuck joined HRA in 2018 and has continued to hone her skills as a historic-period artifact specialist. She focuses on historic-period research, the curation of artifact collections, and keeping the HRA laboratory in tip-top shape. She is considered a strong and dedicated asset to the team environment and reliable in building and encouraging positive working relationships.

One of the best but also the coldest projects Janna has worked on recently was out in eastern Washington, near Kennewick. Despite the wind chill and frozen fingers, the project included complex histories of farming families that are not often represented in the archaeological record. The work was very fulfilling for that reason.

Janna loves drinking tea in cozy coastal cafes, snuggling with her dog Tio, and having a whiskey nightcap with her husband Philip. If she could choose any historical period to exist in, it would be the roaring 1920s, which was, in her opinion, the apex of feminism to ever have existed in Euroamerican history. She spends her time madly gardening, attempting headstands, and ogling glass insulators still standing along PNW railroad tracks.