For Women’s History Month, HRA is featuring some of our women employees who contribute to all aspects of the company!

Amalia Baldwin began her career as a historical consultant at Stevens Historical Research Associates (SHRA) in 2016. She joined HRA in 2023, when HRA acquired SHRA. Amalia works primarily in litigation support, where she has authored and edited reports, provided public testimony, and managed projects from initial client contact through final product delivery. Her background in environmental science and anthropology serves as an excellent foundation for Native American histories, navigability studies, water and land use histories, and environmental contamination studies. Amalia earned her master of science degree in environmental studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Nelson Institute in 2008. Amalia’s master’s thesis, Becoming Wilderness: Nature, History and the Making of Isle Royale National Park, was published as a book in 2011. Amalia worked for both the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources and the National Park Service in environmental communication and interpretation before becoming a history consultant.

Amalia loves the combination of geography and history required for investigating the history of roads and thrives on poring over old maps and journal sketches to document the progress of a foot trail becoming a pack route, a wagon road, and eventually a highway. Amalia worked on many road cases in her job with SHRA and is taking on new road projects at HRA.

Amalia, her husband, and her two children spend as much time exploring the outdoors as possible. They are avid hikers, backpackers, campers, bike commuters, and cross-country skiers.