2016 has been an exciting year of transition for the Portland office. In February we moved from our Beech Street location in the historic Mississippi neighborhood and into the Central Eastside Business District between Hawthorne and Division streets. Although the Central Eastside was not considered an official district to Portland’s Central City until 1988, the neighborhood has been and continues to become an integral part of Portland’s economy and development. Historical Research Associates is excited to become a part of this burgeoning neighborhood.

In addition to our move into a new quadrant, the Portland office welcomed two new Historians, Libby Provost and Morgen Young. Libby is a fourth generation Oregonian and earned her Master’s in History from Portland State University. In addition to being an Architectural Historian, Libby also works as a line editor in the Portland office. Her work helps ensure that reports from HRA are both historically and grammatically accurate while still being engaging to our clients. In addition to her professionalism, Libby’s collaborative energy and delightful wit makes her a great addition to the HRA team.

Morgen Young joined HRA shortly after Libby. Prior to joining HRA Morgen worked as an independent historical consultant receiving numerous accolades for her work. Since moving to the Portland area Morgen has lived in four of the five quadrants and now, like the HRA Portland office, resides in the South East. Morgen brings to the HRA team a fresh perspective on Historical Consulting – her project updates are a well-regarded favorite to our Friday staff meeting. In addition to Morgen’s work as a consultant, she’s also well-versed in hiking in the Pacific Northwest; ask her for a recommendation, you won’t be disappointed.

As we look back on 2016, we’re thrilled with all that we’ve accomplished and excited for the challenges and triumphs that 2017 has in store.

The Portland HRA Team