Interpretive Planning and Exhibit Development

HRA provides research, writing, layout, and design for various forms of interpretive content. We develop exhibits and historical displays for a variety of clients, including museums and historical societies, universities, medical centers, commercial and retail spaces, and public venues.

Our historians gather documentary evidence (archival records, photographs, and maps) and conduct oral histories, then analyze these materials within appropriate historical contexts to develop interpretive work products to suit our clients’ needs.

Our interpretive work products are expertly researched and written in an accessible style. They have been used in a variety of ways, including museum exhibits, mitigation for adverse effects to historic properties, internal and external public relations campaigns, and heritage tourism signage.

Our products include:

  • Museum exhibits
  • Historical displays
  • Documentary videos
  • Interpretive signage for heritage tourism

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Historical Research

Administrative and Corporate History

HRA’s administrative and corporate histories turn past experience into present value by helping to impart institutional knowledge to managers, staff, and the general public.

Books and Published Materials

HRA writes book length manuscripts suitable for a wide variety of audiences, from academics to the general public.

Land Use Histories

HRA historians provide public and private clients with research, analysis, and reports to explain the land use histories of specific sites. These include public and private…

Oral History

HRA conducts oral history interviews with a wide range of participants, from technical staff to tribal representatives.