HRA is dedicated to the use of technology in advancing the accuracy and efficiency of Historical Consulting and Cultural Resources Management.

Integrated GPS and GIS software on field equipment facilitates highly accurate property maps displaying individual features and artifacts, which can be reconciled with project engineering plans and other digital data.

HRA uses the latest version of Esri’s ArcGIS software as our GIS mapping software to produce:

  • Project feature shapefiles for use in field GPS units
  • Daily survey completion data for clients
  • Georeferenced historical maps
  • Aerial photography, LIDAR, topographic maps, and other survey aids
  • Shapefiles of cultural site boundaries
  • Archaeological predictive modeling

Featured Members

Featured Projects

Bison Pipeline

HRA conducted a cultural resources survey for the proposed Bison pipeline in North Dakota. HRA inventoried a 124-mile segment of the pipeline as well as 50 miles of reroutes and over 100 miles of access.

Bunker Hill Mining and Metallurgic Superfund Site

Contracted since 2010 to Coeur D’Alene Trust (Trust), HRA has been assisting the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in following its applicable or relevant and appropriate requirements in order to comply with the substance of Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act as regards its cleanup actions at the Bunker Hill Superfund Site (BHSS) in Northern Idaho’s Silver Valley.

Christophe Harbour Development

HRA conducted archaeological survey and testing services for the 2,600-acre Christophe Harbour development on the Caribbean island of St. Kitts.

Predictive Model Development

HRA has developed numerous archaeological predictive models for federal, state, and private clients. HRA has the capabilities to prepare tailor-made small- and large-scale archaeological predictive models in ArcGIS that can be used for resource management and survey guidance.

Cultural Resource Management

Facilitating Government-to-Government Consultation

HRA provides assistance and professional guidance to agencies and private clients in formal and informal tribal consultation and communication.

Historic Preservation

HRA’s specialists assist clients with a range of historic preservation services, including preservation planning; adaptive reuse, rehabilitation, restoration and conservation…

Section 106, NEPA/SEPA Compliance

HRA assists agencies and private sector clients with the successful navigation of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA); the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA);…