Mette Flynt

Historian - Missoula Office

Prior to joining HRA, Mette Flynt worked as an archivist, exhibit curator, and historic district tour guide at the Hinsdale County Historical Society. Her projects there included “For Purple Mountain Majesties,” an exhibit that examined the relationship between patriotism, immigration, and tourism in Hinsdale County. She also collaborated with historians and community members on interpretative projects outside the society: an exhibit on the National Park Service’s centennial, a website on John Steinbeck, and an exhibit on Indigenous Oklahoma. In addition, Mette has experience in oral history, academic publishing, litigation research, and heritage tourism. She specializes in the environmental history of the twentieth-century North American West. Her current book project, “Becoming America’s Ski City: Place and Identity on the Wasatch Front,” reflects her extensive knowledge of water rights, urbanization, public lands, and recreation in the West.

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