Brent Hicks

Vice President, Cultural Resources Management & Principal Archaeologist - Seattle Office

Brent has over 30 years’ experience in cultural resources management. He has conducted and managed archaeological investigations in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and California. He is skilled in all aspects of research and fieldwork in both historic and prehistoric archaeology, and has a strong background in lithic artifact analysis.

Brent has considerable experience working with Native American Tribes, including consultation on all types of cultural resources management projects and topics. He implemented a CRM program for a tribe’s off-reservation federal lands throughout eastern Washington.

Brent has managed many projects on federal, state, and private lands, including inventories, evaluations, and site mitigation (e.g., protection and data recovery) and burial site recovery and protection. He has prepared numerous management documents, including Historic Property Management Plans and Memoranda of Agreements.

Brent grew up in the woods on an island in the Puget Sound, which was a sure way to develop a strong sense of direction. There was a good library there too, and the combination of those things eventually led him to Archaeology.

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