For Women’s History Month, HRA is featuring some of our women employees who contribute to all aspects of the company!

Lynn Compas has over 30 years of experience managing cultural resources projects in Washington and California. She received her MA in Cultural Resources Management from Sonoma State University in 1998, and she has conducted precontact and historic-period cultural resources studies in mountain, desert, and coastal areas in both the Pacific Northwest and California. Her experience includes conducting and compiling cultural resources inventories, historic property management plans, mitigation plans, and environmental assessments for organizations such as the National Park Service, Puget Sound Energy, Seattle Public Utilities, Seattle City Light, and Pacific Gas and Electric. Her specialties include historic archaeology, legal compliance, FERC relicensing, and legal compliance.

One of Lynn’s favorite HRA projects is Cedar Falls Switchyard project, which she has managed off and on since arriving at HRA in 2009. The project involves replacement of the old switchyard and infrastructure with a new one. They are in the monitoring phase of the project and have found all kinds of interesting artifacts that were buried when the company town of Cedar Falls was razed. Her favorite finds have been a wooden plow and several fire hydrants, among other things. The project is supposed to wrap up in this summer, and Lynn will move on to other terrific projects.

When Lynn has free time, she likes to spend it hanging out with her husband and cats, cooking, or on the beach.