Please join in wishing Brent Hicks, Vice President of Cultural Resource Management and Principal Archaeologist, a happy 15th anniversary with HRA! Brent joined a much smaller division in 2005, with offices in Missoula and Seattle. His calm and thoughtful leadership helped to transform us into one of the largest CRM firms in the Pacific Northwest with additional offices in Portland, Eugene, Olympia, and Spokane. Brent has also been one of the principal managers of Northern Land Use Research, Alaska (NLURA), our partner initiative that we share with Gray & Pape, Inc. Brent serves on the HRA Board, is a shareholders, helps to manage NLURA, runs the CRM Division and the Seattle office, and manages multiple CRM projects. We are forever indebted to his tireless efforts to shape and grow our CRM Division, and we thank him for all of his hard work. Happy anniversary, Brent!