Southern Ute Indian Tribe’s Off-Reservation Use Rights

Southern Ute Indians and others following the signing of the 1873 Brunot Treaty. HRA provides historical research and expert witness testimony connected with the meaning of treaty provisions, such as those pertaining to Indian hunting and fishing rights. Denver Public Library, Western History Collection, X-30679.

HRA assisted attorneys for the Southern Ute Indian Tribe by investigating the tribe’s historic uses of lands in southwestern Colorado that were ceded under an 1873 agreement with the United States. HRA historians conducted a thorough review of archival collections at the National Archives and Records Administration, microfilmed records, and published government documents, as well as conducted oral interviews with tribal elders who were knowledgeable about traditional uses of these lands. Upon completion of this research, HRA prepared a written report that helped the tribe secure an amended resource-utilization agreement with the State of Colorado that authorizes tribal hunting, fishing, and other traditional use activities within the 1873 ceded area.

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