Architectural Resources Inventory for the Rocky Pines Unit

For the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, HRA completed an architectural resources inventory at the Rocky Pines Unit on Turnbull National Wildlife Refuge, near Cheney, Washington. Prior to fieldwork, HRA’s architectural historian performed background research, survey, and evaluation of two historic-period buildings: a barn with its functionally associated milk house and a residence. The barn, when originally constructed, was a timber frame, gable roof barn with central nave and side aisles. Alterations, which date to ca. 1920, ca. 1935, and 1955, were adaptations to meet the changing dairy industry health and sanitation regulations, and include the construction of the milk house in ca. 1920, and its alterations ca. 1935. HRA recommended the barn and its milk house eligible under the Historic Barns of Washington State Multiple Property Documentation (Criterion C, Architecture). The barn and milk house are significant for associations with the history of dairy barn development and evolution of design over the course of the twentieth century, with a period of significance of ca. 1903–1955, which encompasses the period of alterations, as they convey important architectural changes that were necessary to comply with the evolving regulations. Additionally, HRA recommended the resource eligible for listing in the Washington Heritage Barn Register.