Steven Dampf

Project Archaeologist - Spokane Office

Steven earned a BA in History and Science Emphasis from the University of Washington in 1997 and an MS in Resource Management from Central Washington University in 2002. His Master’s thesis consisted of a subsurface reconnaissance for a significance evaluation at a damaged archaeological property at Mount Rainier National Park, providing recommendations for site stabilization, and preparing a nomination to the National Register of Historic Places. Steven joined HRA in 2004 and has several years’ experience in various phases of archaeological research for Sections 106, Section 110, and NEPA compliance. In addition to his supervisory/administrative role at the project level, his work at HRA has included directing and overseeing archival research and laboratory analyses; developing research designs, avoidance and mitigation plans, and monitoring plans; conducting oral interviews and facilitating tribal consultation; as well as performing inventory and evaluation of prehistoric and historic archaeological resources in Washington, Oregon, Idaho, North Dakota, and St. Kitts.

Steven opened the Spokane office in 2008 and currently leads projects in eastern Washington and northern Idaho. He also has a working knowledge of GIS data management and map production. Steven’s areas of interests include early exploration of the Pacific Northwest, as well as lithic analysis and archaeological predictive modeling.