Ethan Ryan received his BA in Anthropology and a certificate in Geographic Information Science from the University of Montana in 2015. He then completed his MA in Anthropology-Cultural Heritage at the University of Montana in 2018. He completed his PhD in Anthropology from the University of Montana, where he combined collections research, remote sensing, obsidian source analysis, and stable isotope analysis to better understand social networks and cooperative hunting strategies in northwest Wyoming and the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem. Ethan has been involved in the archaeological community since 2009 through experiences and employment with the Bureau of Land Management, University of Montana, Chippewa-Cree Tribe of Rocky Boy’s Reservation, and in the private cultural resources management industry. He has conducted fieldwork in Wyoming, Montana, Utah, Idaho, Nevada, South Dakota, Alaska, and British Columbia, Canada. Ethan specializes in remote sensing through the use of ground-penetrating radar, magnetic gradiometry, GIS, and small unpiloted aerial systems (sUAS), as well as in precontact archaeology throughout the Intermountain West, Northwest Plains, and the Great Basin.