Emily Ragsdale


Principal Archaeologist - Portland Office

Emily Ragsdale is responsible for overseeing all phases of project implementation, as well as staff supervision. She attended the University of Nevada, Reno, for her undergraduate studies and received her MA in Anthropology from Northern Arizona University in 2005. Since joining HRA in 2006, Emily has worked primarily in Oregon and Washington, but also has experience in Texas, Colorado, Nevada, Utah, North Carolina, South Carolina, St. Kitts, and Oaxaca, Mexico. Emily has managed both large and small projects in the energy, federal, transportation, mining, and communications sectors. The energy projects include gas pipelines, hydroelectric facilities, electrical transmission lines, and wind energy facilities.

Emily’s experiences include directing and overseeing archival research, laboratory analyses, cultural resources surveys, and National Register evaluations; developing and/or executing research designs, avoidance and protection plans, monitoring plans, mitigation plans, historic property management plans, and programmatic agreements; assisting clients in complying with federal, state, and local cultural resources laws and regulations; obtaining federal and state permits; and facilitating tribal consultation. Emily has authored, prepared, and edited more than 60 technical reports. She also has a working knowledge of GIS data management and map production.

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