Emily Greenwald


Principal Historian - Missoula Office

Straight out of college (with a BA in History from Yale), Emily landed a job doing historical research for the Washington, DC, law firm of Sonosky, Chambers, and Sachse. She returned to school and earned her PhD at Yale University, where she studied Native American history, environmental history, and history of the American West. Emily then spent seven years on the faculty of the University of Nebraska at Lincoln, with a joint appointment in History and Ethnic Studies. She is the author of Reconfiguring the Reservation: The Nez Perces, Jicarilla Apaches, and the 1887 Dawes Act (University of New Mexico Press, 2002), a history of the federal government’s attempt to privatize Indian land ownership.

Emily joined HRA in 2002. She manages large-scale projects and conducts research and writing for attorneys, tribes, and government clients in the areas of Native American and environmental history. She has served as an expert witness in litigation involving treaty rights, reservation boundary issues, navigability, road rights of way, and contaminated sites. Emily has also managed and co-authored several administrative histories for the National Park Service and other clients.

A shareholder since 2006, Emily previously served as History Division Manager and HRA’s President/CEO.

Outside of work, Emily plays ice hockey, bikes, and hikes. She is a decent alto and hopes someday to play guitar or ukulele proficiently. She strives to get a perfect score on the New York Times weekly news quiz, but it hasn’t happened yet.

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