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Heather Miller

Heather Miller

Senior Historian - Seattle Office

Heather earned a PhD in Comparative Women’s History at the Ohio State University in 2002, where she completed her dissertation, The Teeming Brothel: Sex Acts, Desires, and Sexual Identities in the United States, 1870–1990. While in Columbus, Heather worked as an acquisitions editor at the Ohio State University Press for four years, having previously served as managing editor at the Journal of Women’s History. Since coming to HRA Seattle in 2005, she has taken over management of HRA’s aboveground history program (architectural history and historic preservation), and has written or managed the writing of a number of organizational and administrative histories, historic properties management plans and programmatic approaches to historic preservation, historic resources surveys, and various other mitigation documentation. She works on projects related to architectural history, historic preservation, heritage tourism, litigation support, natural resource history, and overall cultural resources management.

She has moonlighted as a freelance copy editor since the twentieth century. In her free time, Heather plays guitar, chases her daughters around, and ponders whether she should run in various races or just give up running altogether and eat Indian food every day instead.

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