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Heather Miller

Heather Miller

Vice President of Business Development and Senior Historian - Seattle Office

Heather earned a PhD in women’s history at the Ohio State University in 2002. She joined HRA in 2005 and works in both HRA’s History and CRM divisions on projects related to cultural resources management, Section 106/110 and NEPA/SEPA compliance, the development of historic contexts, inventory and evaluation, and mitigation reports, in addition to litigation support. From 2007–2015, Heather served as the lead of HRA’s aboveground history program (a subsection of HRA’s CRM division) while also working on complex research and writing projects pertaining to environmental and tribal litigation. An effective project manager with a strong grasp on cultural resources compliance and history as well as an eye for detail, Heather also has exemplary research, writing, and editorial skills, having worked for over two decades in scholarly journal and book editing. Miller served as HRA’s business development director from 2014–2017, and was promoted to Vice President of Business Development in 2018.

She has moonlighted as a freelance copy editor since the twentieth century. In her free time, Heather drives her teenage daughters around (soon, they will drive her around . . . the bend), plays guitar, does Zumba, and plots her next big vacation to somewhere warm and sunny.

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Cushman Hydroelectric Facility Services HRA has provided a variety of cultural resource services to Tacoma Public Utilities for the Cushman Hydroelectric Facility. Initially, HRA developed a Historic Properties Management Plan (HPMP) that included recommendations for...