HRA’s founder, Alan Newell, recruited Emily Greenwald from her teaching position at the University of Nebraska 15 years ago, bringing her to Missoula and into the consulting world, where she has made her home and found her niche. Building on her early post-collegiate experience working for a DC-based Indian law firm and on her dissertation-turned-publication, Reconfiguring the Reservation, Emily quickly became a go-to expert witness in the field of Native American history. Since then, she has also expanded her expert work into the environmental cleanup arena, while also churning out a steady stream of National Park Service administrative histories. Meanwhile, over the past decade, Emily has become an HRA shareholder, the head of HRA’s History Division, and the Vice-President of the company, serving as a direct link between HRA’s past and the company’s future. Congratulations, Emily, on a fabulous 15  years … and here’s to 15 more!