Production Coordinator Jessi Frank Celebrates Five Years at HRA

Jessi Frank joined HRA in 2015, at which time she coordinated opening our Eugene office. She quickly made herself an invaluable member of the team, going on to coordinate the Portland office relocation, managing both the Portland and Eugene offices, and taking on the role of Production Coordinator. Jessi can always be counted on to […]

HRA to Write Special History Study on the American Revolutionary War for NPS

HRA is excited to announce that we were awarded a project to write a Special History Study on the American Revolutionary War in the Southeastern United States for the National Park Service. The study will focus on the underrepresented historical narratives at National Historic Landmarks (NHLs) in the Southeastern States, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. […]

“We are the Rose City! A History of Soccer in Portland” at OHS

“We are the Rose City! A History of Soccer in Portland” opens today at the Oregon Historical Society in Portland. Curated by HRA historians Libby Provost and Morgen Young, the exhibition explores the history of professional soccer in Portland and the cultural context of the game. Portland entered the professional soccer world in 1975, when […]

Historian Kayla Blackman Celebrates Five Years at HRA

Today marks Kayla Blackman’s five-year anniversary with HRA. Since her arrival at HRA, Kayla has assisted with the wide variety of projects on which we work in the History Division. From assisting with interpretive services projects like the Downtown Missoula Heritage Interpretive Plan to completing litigation-based research on contaminated sites and tribal water rights (and, […]

HRA Historians Talk about Public History

HRA Historians Ian Smith and Morgen Young recently were featured on “Six Questions in Six Minutes (ish)*”, where they discussed what they do at HRA and what public history is.

HRA Statement on Fighting Racism and Injustice

As a company and as individuals, we are committed to fighting racism and injustice. We recognize that we have work to do. We also recognize the deep, historical roots of racism in this country and strive to better document and interpret that history. At a loss for the right thing to say ourselves, we are […]